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The direct inspiration for this tool is ScrumWorks.

TFS has a single tree of iterations:

Typically the product backlog is kept at the root iteration node, and the release backlog at the corresponding release node.

The backlog is usually visible only as a query against certain nodes in the iteration tree:

Select * From WorkItem Where IterationPath = 'TeamProject'

Moving items from the product backlog to a sprint is done either by changing values in Excel, or by modifying a single field on a work item form in TFS.


This application splits the iteration tree into two parts, with the backlog iterations on one side, and the sprint iterations on the other.


You can drag work items (and their linked child items) from one iteration to another.

Work items are marked with colors as explained in Visualizing Work

You can drag a work-item to an iteration to assign it to that iteration. All the work item's children are automatically assigned to the new iteration as well.
Dragging a work-item to a user icon will assign it to that user.

Work items can't be dragged to other work items for re-parenting, because that is usually not what you wanted to do.

The application supports several Process Templates, not just the Scrum template.

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