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Work items are shown as little draggable bars.

Icons + colors indicate the type of work:
  • Grey = Iterations / Areas - grouping value
  • Gold = User Story
  • Blue = Task
  • Red = Bug

Inactive, Active and Completed work items are highlighted in different ways:
  • Active = brighter colors (closer to white)
  • Inactive = more grey color (closer to 50%)
  • Completed = White (no color)

Work items that are not in the same iteration as the parent work item are shown in White.

Closed work items are shown in grey, with grey text, and strike-through.

Unselected work items are fairly slim, so that you can see more of the work on screen.

When selected you can edit the most important fields:
  • State
  • Assigned to
  • Planning/story points
  • Original Estimated Hours
  • Completed Hours
  • Est Remaining Hours

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